Meet the Committee

The Committee is responsible for the daily running of the society, organising talks, social events, and publicity.

We're always on the look-out for new Committee members! Please get in touch with our Secretary to express an interest. A pdf copy of the Constitution under which the Committee has been elected is available here.
The Committee:
Thomas Gavin (University) 


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I’m currently a DPhil student in Ancient History at Wolfson College. My research is focused on the rhetoric and practicalities of cooperation between cities in Turkey under the Roman Empire; while this involves the use of literary, epigraphic, and archaeological material, a large part of my project concerns ideas of cooperation within the medium of coinage, especially in terms of the reverse coin types of Roman Asia proclaiming homonoia (concord) between cities.  
Vice President
Angela Grant (Jesus alumna)
Vice President 
Shailendra Bhandare (Ashmolean Museum / St. Cross)
Giorgia Capra (New) 


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I'm a DPhil candidate in Ancient History at New College. My doctoral project is focused on understanding tthe role of women as dedicants in the Greek world, by analysing epigraphical evidence such as votive dedications left by female worshippers, with the ultimate purpose of expanding our knowledge of women's ritual contribution and engagement in the activities of Greek sanctuaries. I am also really interested in Greek numismatics, more specifically in iconographies and circulation of Cretan coinage.
Alice Main (Lincoln)


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I am a second year undergraduate studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Lincoln College. Whilst my interest in Numismatics remains broad, I am currently looking into early Christian imagery on Late Antique currency. I am hoping that this will help me gain a greater understanding of the visual language of the early church, as my museum report (CAAH equivalent of an undergraduate dissertation) is focused around the Roman gold glass in the Wilshere Collection.
IT Officer/Webmaster
Matthew Ball (Lincoln) 


I am now in the third year of my D.Phil. in Ancient History. My research, in collaboration with the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project (based here in Oxford) looks at the empire-wide distribution of Roman coins according to their reverse designs. As well as serving on the Committee of OUNS, I am also on the Council of the Royal Numismatic Society. I have a background in museum-based numismatics, writing coin reports for archaeological units, and enjoy coin collecting in my spare time. 
Senior Member 
Prof. Andrew Meadows (New)