Michaelmas 2018

(Week 2) Tuesday 16th October
'Where did all the Coinage go? The absence of civic coins in 3rd-century BC Asia Minor' - Prof. Andrew Meadows, Professor in Ancient History, Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, New College, University of Oxford.
(Week 4) Tuesday 30th October
'The Cult of Dionysos on Lesbos' - Dr Aneurin Ellis-Evans, Lecturer in Ancient History, Brasenose College and St Anne’s College, University of Oxford.
(Week 8) Tuesday 27th November
Coin Handling Session, Ashmolean Museum: Coins of Gandhara - Dr Shailendra Bhandare (Senior Assistant Keeper, South Asian and Oriental Numismatics, Heberden Coin Room)
The speaker will show some Gandharan coins and talk about how they have been useful for us from various historical viewpoints. The selection will include examples of Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian and Indo-Parthian coins.