Term Card - Trinity 2023

This term's talks will be held both in person at the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies and online over MS Teams (where possible). Links will be distributed beforehand by means of the OUNS mailing list. To subscribe and receive meeting links and further updates, please email the Secretary at james.hua@merton.ox.ac.uk
(Week 1) Friday 28th April, 5-6pm GMT: Robyn Le Blanc (University of North Carolina): 'Civic Coins and Landscape in Roman Arabia: the case of Poseidon at Rabbathmoba'. [online only]
(Week 2) Friday 5th May, 5-7pm GMT: Cross-Institution Graduate Circus [online only]
Jenny Shearer (Oxford): ‘Ideological messaging on royal bronze coins: a comparative study of the early Ptolemaic and Seleucid kingdoms’ 
Figen Geerts (New York): ‘Coins for Cure: The Numismatics of Healing Cults in Hellenistic Greece’ 
Mateus Mello (Sorbonne): ‘Tridents, dolphins, and crabs in Classical and Hellenistic Carian coinage’ 
Sarah Morris (St Andrew's): ‘Visualizing Pietas in the Roman Republic’ 
(Week 3) Friday 12th May, 4-6pm GMT: Kyle Erickson (University of Wales, Trinity Saint David): 'Exploring data visualisation through the Royal Hellenistic Coin Project's data'. [Ioannou Centre, Basement Room 42]
(Week 4) Friday 19th May, 5-7pm GMT: Judith Mackenzie Lecture: [TBC]. [Ioannou Centre, Lecture Theatre]
(Week 5) Thursday 25th May, 5-7pm GMT: Evangeline Markou (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute of Historical Research): 'The coinage of the kings of Classical Cyprus'. [online only]
(Week 8) Wednesday 14th June, 5-7pm GMT: Selene Psoma (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): 'Two fourth c. BC Athenian Laws on Silver Coinage'. [Ioannou Centre, Basement Room 42]